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Finding the path to self-control and self-improvement can begin today. You can expand the potential of your body and mind by starting work with Ed Glimme and Joe Pierce. Our dojo is full of welcoming students that are improving their life today and ready to share the experience with you now. Contact us today and begin a spiritual and physical journey that is sure to better your life.







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“These guys in La Crosse are doing it!” – Drunvalo Melchizedek.


In my opinion, Mr. Glimme is the best martial artist in the La Crosse area.”

~Ron Fortney, Master  Snake, Yondan (4th Degree) of Snake Nunchaku Martial Arts, Branch School Instructor of the World Black Belt Bureau.


Joe is a great teacher. He makes learning what you came to learn really great. With everything Joe teaches, he will show you the real world application for it. Hand to hand and weapon application for each technique. Joe starts by showing the art side of a technique and then the full martial application.

When I started with Joe over 2 ½ years ago, I just wanted to learn some cool things. Now, I have become a better person by coming to class regularly. Something I wasn’t fully expecting when I started.

 ~ Steve Sachleben


“I attend Ethereal Gateless Barrier meditation class weekly. We practice different breathing techniques and meditation methods. The benefits I’ve received are a calmer mind and body. Just an hour a week helps bring clarity to my life.” – Bill


"Ed lives his martial arts as many of us wish we could. Able to encompass many concepts, he makes many classes enjoyable to those looking to learn. He teaches a variety of different attitudes on one movement and vice verse. His friendship through the years and seminars grows like a flower in the spring. I have never regretted meeting him and I am glad he continues to train with all of us in this area. "  

~ Josh Bentzen, Critical Care Registered Nurse. Warrior nature: Water


The atmosphere at the Ethereal Gateless Barrier is cheerful, thoughtful, supportive and encouraging. Training with Joe is fun. I am learning many things which I would never think of. He is very supportive when it comes to training. If you try something and it doesn’t really work out, feel free to ask because Joe will show you if it will work or not and then how to make it work.

It’s fun to come in and train with Joe. Aside from hand to hand combat we are learning weapon techniques and forms. It is interesting to see techniques in movie then see them performed right in front of you and explained what looks good in the movies does not always work in real life.

~Choua Lee-


“I began attending classes at the Ethereal Gateless Barrier when it opened at its current location in 2012. I was originally drawn by friends and curiosity. I’ve stayed since then, because of the unique insights into meditation and the martial arts; and the friendly, easy methods of the instructors. My mental and physical health has improved remarkably because of what I have learned here. I think everyone can benefit from the instruction and the wonderful, friendly atmosphere here! – Joseph Yocco.


Ed Glimme is very knowledgeable and skilled in the martial arts. In my time training with Ed I have improved my past marital art skills and learned new ones. I have also made many new friends and connections in the marital arts community.  

~ George M. Mauss, Assistant Language Teacher of English at Interac. Warrior nature: Water ~


Joe’s classes have driven me to progress, left to my own devices I would have stagnated. I have achieved fitness and prowess I never thought I would have attained, and I’m continuing to progress. I owe Joe a lot: I’ve met new people, expanded my horizons, changed my way of thought. His classes have been a highlight of my life since I joined and will be something I plan to continue as long as I can.

 ~Jake Erickson


“You guys do not charge enough for what you do!” – Davina – Social Worker


“The meditation has really opened up my eyes and shown me a lot about myself. Class was awesome and mind blowing! I still feel charged and energized from the meditations!” – Brad.


My experience has been completely positive while training with Ed! At first is seemed a bit intimidating with how unorthodox his style and perspective is, but by the end of my first class I was hooked. It has now been five months since that class and I’m still just as addicted to his style as I was that first class.  

~ Nick Breining, Massage Therapist.


“James has helped me work through old emotional problems and blocks. I have gone farther in a few hours with James than I have in all the years I’ve been doing this on my own.” – Ben.


“James provides a space and atmosphere where I can explore and meditate comfortably.” – Sara N – Student.


I attended the class Self Defense and Practical Marital Arts June 26, 2014 Ed Glimme is very knowledgeable, yet is able to break it down into specific tangible accessible skills that make sense. It was an empowering experience to immediately then put our instruction into forward action in pairs. It was a pleasure to witness Ed and his wife performing somewhat intimidating hand to hand combat at times, out of which simple, yet vibrant, effective responses or blocks met and transformed the aggressor’s energy into a subdued or effectively redirected movement that was surprising and inspiring. A depth of self-control is evident, as well as a youthful invigorating energy, in Ed's interesting, informed instruction. Many thanks for this thoroughly enjoyable real life experience.

~Janet Schmaltz



“I prefer to meditate with others, I get more out of it; and James at Ethereal Gateless Barrier provides a space where I can meditate comfortably with friends.” – William P – Supervisor.



“I never meditated before, but James made it easy and fun! I brought in my family to learn from James, and now we all meditate together! – Marie – Pharmacist Assistant.  



“I enjoy watching the energy move during a meditation session.” – Nicholas.