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Gateless Barrier


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zen circle Martial arts

Sherlock Holmes inspired Baritsu

Learn self defence with a walking stick

Steampunk culture meets martial arts

Baritsu is the name given to a form of martial arts described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Sherlock Holmes story. Steampunk applies post-modern artistic imagination to 19th century culture and technology, and vice-versa.


Learn this fun and witty form of martial arts by attending classes taught by Joe Pierce at our dojo. You'll never look at a cane or walking stick in the same way again.

Diligent and dedicated instruction

Joseph Pierce achieved instructor ranking in 1991 in five animal kung fu and southern style. He started training in European Combatives in 1988, and now holds the rank of titled instructor granted by Lord Kenneth E. Hienrict, Lord Grand Master, European Combatives Foundation, Bell Shill, Scotland.

What you'll learn:



Combative techniques

And so much more

You don't want to miss out on this opportunity

If you have a serious interest in steampunk martial arts, European combative, meditation, and many other forms of self-defense, check out our classes. Both Ed Glimme and Joe Pierce are masters at their craft and want to help inspire you to meet your goals.

Instruction Self-defense