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Gateless Barrier


Warrior Hall

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Learn to relax and focus through meditation

The Warrior Mind consists of breathing techniques, visualizations, and gentle movements that have proven over the eons to help the inner warrior welcome a calmer mind and a closer connection to their higher self. This form of meditation is practiced by peoples all over the world.


Qi can increase and improve the quality and circulation of jing. Qi Gong practice really becomes a practice of working your body’s will and finding a way to transfer it to influence your environment. You can achieve this through yoga. Learn Warrior Yoga from our experienced instructors. Are you up for the challenge?

Highly skilled and qualified instructor

James Bohonek has been exploring the less traveled path for well over thirty years.  Through books, interactive seminars, and direct experience, James uncovered and rediscovered meditation techniques, spiritual practices, and soul enhancing exercises that have changed his life.  Interesting, informed, and inspirational, James is able to convey his techniques with humor and conviction to the student.

Qi Gong can:

Give you clarity

Help you focus

Promote calmness

Help you reach your goals

Experience all that our Dojo has to offer

Meditation is just one area of expertise that you'll find at Ethereal Gateless Barrier. Enter our realm of self-control, realization, and empowerment by utilizing all of our classes. Martial arts, body arts and steampunk martial arts are a few classes that we extend to you.

Mindful work. Are you ready?

The benefits of Qi Gong can be yours