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The Law of Nature

The essence of all teachings at Ed Glimme Budo is on the foundation of nature. The foundation of nature being the Fibonacci pattern, everything that grows naturally on this planet grows according to this pattern. So at the very least it is important for us to train and explore martial arts in the same manner. At the very core of this, is

Combative warrior traditions


singularity and everything is about exploring your personal self and the space around you. Many times one will see solo forms practiced and performed to learn more about how the body moves in time and space. After we are familiar with our personal space and the extent of our reach, we then move into the aspect of duality. Doing a form by your self is great but has the limitation of not really knowing how anything really works without the help of another.

Moving into the second level, duality offers us a better look as to the inner working of any given form or technique. Two people partner up and we find that we are at an impasse. Should one go through the problem or move around the problem and look for another solution? This is the equation that all warriors have been solving

for eons. Here, in duality, we study our personal space and the personal space of our training partner. We learn to move out of harm’s way first, and then choose what the right action is for that next moment in time. We start to see a flow between the two parties and the strategies of duality are developed and explored. Learning the basic strategies of everyday martial arts is an invaluable resource today.


Progressing to the third level of trinity we can start to discover and use the structure and shapes that appear in the middle of techniques. We can use this understanding to keep ourselves in the best posture we can under duress, while upsetting our partners balance and exploiting their weaknesses. The use of and

defense against everyday carry items is introduced here, mostly short to medium range which include knives and sticks. Many tactics and combinations are done in three’s and there is a reason things are taught in three’s, it’s because they work. Understanding basic strategies of everyday martial arts in duality, backed up by working combinations in trinity, makes for good practical self-defense.


Advancing to the fifth level, we study the feeling of martial arts. Many practitioners of martial arts fuel their art with emotion. This is not what we do here at Ed Glimme Budo. We use the feeling of five elements: earth, water, fire, wind and void. Starting again by learning particular forms for each of the elements, partnering up using our

strategies and tactics then using the feeling of elements gives us the opportunity to personally explore our own connection to each of the elements. This exploration of our connections to each of the elements brings depth and dimension to our techniques and reveals new personal tactics of de-escalating potentially bad encounters.


Maturing to the eighth level, we are ready to access a deeper study into strategy. Studying the streams of thought of ancient masters through their schools of strategy we gain richness, in our personal strategies of life and in action. Each particular school has an emphasis or a particular way of problem solving. Some

schools focus on changing direction, some striking and others, natural movement. While other schools focus on battlefield and no hesitation aspects. And some focus on keeping a safe distance, controlling space, disappearing movement and even escape.


Please bear in mind that each school was developed in different time periods of history. Much of the thinking processes, movements, techniques and the usage and handling of weapons has a lot to do with the geography and political landscape of that time period. For example the techniques of a school developed in warring states period may have an emphasis on wearing armor and nasty life taking techniques. Whereas schools developed in peace times will emphasis wearing plain cloths and life giving techniques based on restraint and civilized law.


Originating from our singularity, we grew out of duality. We rose above the trinity. We have found our elemental functioning tactics and added richness to our life working strategies. Upon arrival at the thirteenth level all we can do now is polish our spirit and keep going, share with others, enjoy our enriched life, and play!