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Martial arts with Joseph Pierce

These are not sport arts. There are no tournaments, no points or prizes. Sport arts set limitations and rules and boundaries that do not exist in the natural world, whereas life and combat have no rules beyond natural constants. Joseph Pierce teaches you all these things and more.


Each technique is carefully taught in an academic setting. You'll be working in a careful and controlled manner so as not to damage or injure yourself or your partner. When a Martial Artist understands the academics of a technique, you'll then begin to recognize the combative application.

Experienced, dedicated, instruction

Joseph Pierce achieved instructor ranking in 1991 in five animal kung fu and southern style. He started training in European Combatives in 1988, and now holds the rank of titled instructor granted by Lord Kenneth E. Hienrict, Lord Grand Master, European Combatives Foundation, Bell Shill, Scotland.

What you'll get:

Expert instruction

Increased awareness

Mental strength

So much more

Prepare to have your expectations exceeded

You are essentially the master of your own fate but by following the instruction of those who wish to help you, you can completely change the course of your life for the better. Experience martial arts like none other when you participate in meditation, steampunk martial arts, and more at our dojo.

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