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Gateless Barrier


Warrior Hall

zen circle Self-defense

European combatives

Self-defense with a twist

Learn effective techniques from an experienced instructor

Teaching self-defense needs to be done in such a way that you are getting the most effective results as possible. Nothing can be left to chance, and we’ll make sure you learn our European combative methods properly.


As a student at Ethereal Gateless Barrier you'll get the instruction you need to effectively protect yourself if the need ever arises. Our instructor, Joe Pierce, is dedicated, skilled, and highly achieved in martial arts and teaching these methods to you.

You'll learn useful skills and methods

We use cutting edge adrenal stress response training to hardwire your skills, so they can be accessed under the most extreme conditions. Did you know these techniques are taught around the world to train elite law enforcement and military units?

Be able to:

Avoid being a target

Use adrenaline positively

Heighten internal awareness

And so much more

Learn how to be the best you can be

The purpose of European combative arts is to train and teach you how to defend yourself and those you love when it is absolutely necessary. We also offer classes on steampunk martial arts, body arts, and meditation. Come learn with us today. Your destiny awaits you.

Learn useful skills Avoid being target