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Martial traditions that bring about peace by knowing yourself

The word budo is derived from the Japanese warrior culture. Often budo is translated in the west as ‘warrior tradition’, ‘warrior ways’ or ‘way of the warrior’. A closer look reveals a deeper meaning one of ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘peace keeper’. Then we find that we are studying the ways of peace keeping and only taking up arms as a last resort, when all other means have failed.  


The highest aspects of true martial arts are to strengthen ones character, cultivate your body and perfect your spirit. In the mist of training to these higher aspects, ones ego driven desire for conflict will dissolve. The wanting to participate in conflict and disputes becomes uninteresting and lacks the emotional drive that tends to fuel those situations. In the study of budo we learn how to identify and deal with predatory behavior and strategies to prevent violence and/or harm. When these strategies break down and we have no choice, we are prepared to physically diffuse the situation in the moment with the most effective and efficient violence stopping methods that we train in.

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Ed Glimme Budo

Ed Glimme Martial Arts

Mindful and skilled instruction

Did you know that Ed Glimme has been involved in warrior traditions for 25 years? When working with Ed Glimme, you'll discover the depth of martial arts. Ed enjoys teaching and training with good citizens, law enforcement and military personal. Ed also does private security and body guard work. Ed’s placement in nature is Wind and is ranked in the Bujinkan as Shodan (1st Degree). Ed holds a rank of Godan (5th degree) and title of Shihan with the highest esoteric honors, in the Hoshin Roshi Ryu. Also, Ed has been a Systema Russian Marital Arts practitioner for nine years and is assistant instructor at DefenseWorks under Wes Manko.

Strengthen your Character

Cultivate your Body

Perfect your Spirit

Develops your Compassion

Improves your Well Being

Who is Ed Glimme?

Martial arts:

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The three main schools of study with Ed Glimme Budo are Bujinkan from Japan, Hoshin Roshi Ryu from America and Systema from Russia. The warrior qualities that these various schools convey are of the utmost importance in today’s modern world. Warrior leadership qualities serve as a guide, a compass,  and a route to the

proper path for each individual to best live their life. It is essential to know thy self, through the warrior traditions, by developing your own potential, your own abilities, and freeing yourselves of your own personal fears.