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Warrior Hall

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Increase your internal strength

Creating a connection between the physical and spiritual

Body Arts are those that focus on creating a connection between the physical and spiritual aspects while opening the mind to the individual. Practices like Qi Gong and Yoga increase your internal energy and reconnect the mind to the body.


Are you looking for a biological awakening, mental relaxation, energy, decreased stress, and an increased awareness of your surroundings? Visit Ethereal Gateless Barrier and you'll achieve these things.

Ed Glimme helps you achieve goals

Ed Glimme has been involved in warrior traditions for 20 years. Ed’s first teacher was a Buddhist and his second teacher was an industrial psychologist. Ed’s placement in nature is Wind and is ranked in the Bujinkan as Shodan. Ed holds a rank of Godan and title of Shihan in the Hoshin Roshi Ryu. Also, Ed has been a Systema Russian Marital Arts practitioner for eight years and is assistant instructor at DefenseWorks under Wes Manko.  Are you ready to begin your journey with Ed today?

Body arts will:

Calm your mind

Reawaken your body

Harmonize your spirit

Help you regain self-worth

Are you looking for a well-rounded martial arts program?

Ethereal Gateless Barrier offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons, become one with your environment, and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. Through meditation, martial arts, and other classes, you can quickly achieve your goals and become the person you are meant to be.

Connect your body and mind

Overview of Qi Gong

Qi Gong


Qi Gong is a biological rejuvenation, wake up if you will, with spiritual consequences. The hour of Qi Gong is dedicated to you recharging your energy, or batteries so to speak. The exercises may not look like much on the outside, but on the inside they re-empower you in ways that can be quite profound.  Energy is focused and clarified, generated in an area of the lower abdomen, just below the belly button, called the Dan Tien. The energy (jing) is built up and guided by the will (qi) to circulate through the body to be directed toward your goal (shen). This provides you with the ability to develop and bring out the qualities that you make a conscious decision to bring out.


The way I like to practice Qi Gong leans more on the Japanese style with subtle emotional releases layered in.  Due to the way I have structured Qi Gong classes, folks have a tendency to go through emotional detoxing and cleansing.  This helps address and release various emotions that come up throughout your day that cloud your mind from making more thoughtful decisions.


The way I look at it is, “Lets energize the body first, then do something with it.” Many practitioners gently work on themselves and never really take a direction with their practice. I have structured Qi Gong class in such a way that we spend the first part of class turning up the energy in the body and the second part of class utilizing it. At that point, the folks participating decide as a whole what direction we would like to go in. I have many guided meditations that I lead with from this point, Secret Smile and  Da Mo’s Cave being the foundation.


Qi Gong is a great practice regardless of professional and social status, activities and hobbies you pursue. So I encourage you to stop in, as daytime and evening classes are offered.


Experience Something Different … Qi Gong: Reawaken the Youthful You.


Warrior Yoga


Training in Yoga at Ethereal Gateless Barrier is a completely new approach to the typical slow-paced yoga offered at many other local studios.  Warrior yoga is the process of listening to your body and letting it guide you through each pose.  This dynamic form of yoga is beneficial in significant ways beyond simple static yoga stretches.  You will become more in tune with your body, lose excess weight, gain functional strength and flexibility and hone your awareness through your six senses (including your intuition).


If an alarm clock wakes up your mind, Warrior Yoga wakes up your body.  When your body is truly awake and fully energized you are ready to take on the world.  Warrior Yoga is designed in such a way as to be suitable for every type of person that is looking to improve themselves in various areas through yoga.  The workout is simple, and like all yoga does not involve any high tech gadget, and can be completed in as much or as little time as you would like.


Warrior Yoga is a low impact workout, gentle on your joints and is the perfect routine for those who have physical limitation or suffer from chronic pain.  A student’s progress is determined by each individual’s body’s needs.  Through Warrior Yoga, we learn to listen to our body, thereby recognizing and understand how and where our body needs to move.  Because of this concept, beginners and advanced students can work within the same class, each practitioner moving through the movements at their own level.  Beginners will develop the building blocks necessary to progress to more advanced poses, advanced students will find new dynamic ways to shift into each pose, instinctively developing physical awareness and natural body bio-mechanics.


Whether this is the first time you have looked at yoga or are looking for a fresh perspective, Warrior Yoga fulfills the needs of both Martial Artists and Body Artists alike.


At Ethereal Gateless Barrier the benefits of Yoga are tailored for the modern warrior.  The flexibility and strength developed through Warrior Yoga will enhance and improve any Martial or Sport Art the practitioner participates in.  Enhanced mobility will improve the ground game of any Brazilian, Judo or MMA practitioner. Better balance and poise will assist in advanced skills in arts like Tae Kwan Do or Aikido.  Increased stamina will lead to dramatic improvement in breathing and endurance during single or multiple attacker situations, whether real-world or sparring.  Warrior Yoga gives a person the opportunity to study proper body mechanics and movements within the different asanas; thereby learning to recognize and manipulate your opponents, identifying where and how they are vulnerable and capitalizing on those physical weaknesses.  Warrior Yoga is an integral part of any Martial Artists repertoire.


Warrior Yoga is different from any other yoga class you have ever taken.  While we do utilize and transition through traditional poses, the objective of the exercises is to focus within and move into whichever position is needed to best serve your body.  This translates into each student having the freedom to train at their own pace and often deviating from the set order of poses because their body led them into another direction.  In Warrior Yoga you learn to listen to your body and begin to recognize that it is always speaking to you, telling you what it needs and wants.  In our fast-paced society we often abuse our bodies, denying ourselves basic necessities such as proper diet and sleep to get ahead in the corporate or consumer world.  Warrior Yoga allows you to opportunity to live within your body, instead of despite it.

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